Small Businesses Can Save Money and Time by Better Coordinating Their Marketing Investments
Posted by onlinevideoweb, 04/02/2018 7:06 am

Many small-business owners today recognize that video can be especially powerful way of reaching out to find new customers. With video production now being a realistic option even at relatively small scales and with affordable budgets, this is a possibility that many entrepreneurs would do well to explore.

Working with the right production company can also turn a single, reasonable investment into a number of assets for use across a variety of channels. That type of integrated approach regularly makes sense for many small companies.

One Partner and Project to Serve a Number of Needs at Once

For the cost of what another provider might charge for a single bit of work, in fact, it will sometimes be possible to obtain a number of pieces that nicely suit the needs of a given business. Because redundant, overlapping work can be eliminated and the same effort turned to a number of purposes, signing on for a more comprehensive production project can easily make excellent financial sense. In some cases, for instance, having the same provider see to the following needs at the same time will bring down the overall cost significantly:

Web redesign. Many companies end up running websites that no longer reflect their branding or positioning very well. Having a web design expert address that issue while other work is ongoing can allow for a productive level of coordination and reuse of work. In many cases, much of the content that already exists at a website can be preserved and leveraged again, with only the accompanying visual enhancements changing in the process. Even a bit of freshening up can provide a company with a presence that will better support other efforts ongoing at the same time.


Video for online distribution. There are few more effective ways to reach new customers online than to produce an online video that will naturally attract attention and be shared. Working with a company that can enable this while taking care of a website redesign can cut costs and ensure that branding remains well adjusted.

Television ads. It will also frequently be possible to turn a longer video meant for use online into a TV commercial at a minimal cost. Once again, making use of such opportunities at the time when they crop up will make things easier and more affordable.

A Better Way for Many Small Businesses to Invest

Too many small companies take piecemeal approaches to marketing, and that can end up being expensive. In many cases, tackling a number of broadly related projects at the same time with the help of one partner will be a lot more productive.

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